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Who Drew the Famous Cute Lottle Penguin Mug?

The Lottle Penguin Mug by Katrina from Kicking Cones

Kicking Cones Logo

Illustrator Katrina Constantine wants to erase all disheartening stuff

The cute Lottle Penguin Mug is one of the cutest coffee mugs in the world. The mug shows 2 penguins cuddling each other and saying “I like you a lottle. It’s like a little, except a lot.” It’s a unique and intelligence word merge, which undertook the comparison from the little to the opposite: a lot!

This cartoon and the lines were created by the 28 years old illustrator Katrina Constantine, who established her own brand label Kicking Cones. She started to draw in her early years for the simple reason of lighting up the world with “so many pictures of penguins and monkeys, that there is no room left for disheartening stuff.” Her drawing inspiration has not limit. She is drawing beans, dogs, snails, elephants and even robots. Some of the best slogans are printed on products. The range of products are not limited to mugs but also pillows, t-shirts, greeting cards and wherever her wonderful art could light up human’s day. Underneath you find a selection of products and pictures.

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