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The best, coolest & most inspiring Coffee Mugs in the World!

This website provides the best and most adorable coffee mugs in the world. Our website links you to external shops where you can buy the coffee mug of your choice. As we aren’t selling the mugs directly we are able to be impartial about categorizing and rating the mugs on our site.

A mug will only get listed on our website if it is rated highly by its users (we don’t rely on the shops own advertising!), is easily available (no one off specialist mugs), has a special uniquness or coolness, and lastly if it’s a top selling mug at a prominent online retailer.

Have you been searching the web for an amazing gift? Or maybe you are a coffee drinking freak after the perfect cup to start the day with? You’ve been searching for the absolute best, coolest, funniest or cutest coffee or travel mug in the world? Well that’s where we come in! We’ve done all the work for you, we’ve undertaken extensive market research about the mugs, mug manufacturers and mug shops to be able to provide you with the very best mugs of coffee in the world. You will find detailed descriptions, videos, pictures and shop references. Have fun with all the cool mugs!

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What are the main factors needed for a coffee mug to get listed on this website?

A mug can only get listed on this website if its rated highly by its users (via web reviews) or is a top selling mug by prominent online retailers. Criteria is as follows:

  • Top user rating throughout the web – only the most popular mugs are listed here.
  • Top selling mugs – Some shops offer lists of their top selling mugs, we aggregate these lists and put those mugs that are the top selling of the top sellers on this website.

From the homepage you can find the best mugs in the world or if you prefer you can scroll though each of the popular categories, like “cute coffee mugs”, “cool coffee mugs”, “funny coffee mugs”, “travel coffee mugs” and “unique coffee mugs” to get a list of the best selling in those individual categories. The homepage has the top sellers shown regardless of their individual category.

What will you find on this website?

Primarily you will find the best and most popular mugs in the world, separated into 5 popular categories (cute, cool, funny, unique and travel). Secondly we are providing detailed information about each coffee mug. The information provided is:

  • Text description of each mug.
  • Technical descriptions
  • Frequently asked questions of each mug, as asked by many web users.
  • Detailed pictures of each coffee mug.
  • Link with shop and references provided about where you can buy a specific mug. Multiple shops are given so that you can be sure to get your favorite mug for the best price.
  • Videos to show all aspects of the mugs.
  • The various coffee mug concepts are provided by different manufacturers all of whom have their own mug style. We provide shop references so that if you wish you can have a look at similar mugs made by manufacturers whose concepts you like.
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