Top 19 Funny Coffee Mugs of 2024: Start Your Day with a Laugh!

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Start your day with a laugh with these 19 top-rated funny coffee mugs of 2024.

Discover the 19 best and funniest coffee mugs that will make you laugh or smile! We've searched high and low to bring you a selection of mugs that have proven to provide amusement and joy to many.

★ 1st funniest mug:

The "Toilet" Funny Coffee Mug

Toilet Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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This Coffee Mug is both funny and unique. It is shaped like a toilet, which let the inside coffee appears like a little bit different substance. The manufacturer stated that this mug would be great for the “potty-mouth coffee drinker”, or chronic farter. Opening this present on a party could be a highlight for itself, or even if you serve your guests a very unique coffee experiences.

2nd funniest mug:

The "Fat Belly" Funny Coffee Mug

Fat Belly Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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The Fat Belly Coffee Mug is not just a conversation starter or icebreaker, it's a statement piece that will show off your sense of humor. Whether you want to subtly hint at your partner's growing belly or just enjoy the mug's curvaceous and aesthetically pleasing shape, it's sure to get a laugh. Don't settle for a boring mug, upgrade to the Fat Belly Coffee Mug - the most creative and hilarious coffee mug of the century!

3rd funniest mug:

The "Black Dick Surprise" Funny Coffee Mug

Big Black Dick Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Are you bored of just sending random dick pictures to your friends hoping to open the picture at a most inconvenient time, be it at work or in other social settings? Then take it to the next level! A harmless-looking black coffee cup that you gave away suddenly turns out to be the most embarrassing eye-catcher in your friend's work office when the famous dick meme picture of Barry Wood suddenly appears on the coffee mug (Due to its heat-changing feature that occurs when filled with hot coffee.). What a funny surprise!

4th funniest mug:

The "You've Been Poisoned" Funny Coffee Mug

Be Poisoned Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Fancy some entertainment on your next visit from a friend? Serve him a nice, tasty cup of your favorite coffee and mention that today's coffee is very special. The initially inconspicuous coffee cup leaves no suspicion for conjecture, but your victim revels in the deepest trust in your nice hospitality. But now the end of the cup has arrived and your friend learns the cold truth of your friendly intention at the bottom of the coffee cup. Tell him that you want to enjoy the last few minutes with him before the coffee party comes to a one-sided end. A very simple but creative coffee mug with a large dose of humour.

5th funniest mug:

The "Middle Finger" Funny Coffee Mug

Middle Finger Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image

Funny and cheeky! This mug is one of the best funny mugs we found on the internet. On the front side there is a friendly “Have A Nice Day” but the base shows a middle finger. It is a wonderful gag gift for friends or just use it yourself, maybe direct it at work colleagues and give them a wink as they see your cheeky message.

6th funniest mug:

The "Avocado Fat" Funny Coffee Mug

Avocado Fat Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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This mug is perfect for those moments when a guy realizes he's said the wrong thing and feels embarrassed. Featuring two arguing avocados on the front, it's a hilarious reminder that we all have our moments. Plus, it will bring a little laughter into your morning routine and show that you understand the struggle with communication breakdowns. Avocados as a modern food trend paired with funny relationship problems, this coffee cup meets the current zeitgeist in a humorous way.

7th funniest mug:

The "Size Matters Extra Long"
Funny Coffee Mug

Size Matters Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Looking for a mug that will make everyone do a double-take? Look no further! This "Size Matters" coffee mug features a ruler along its side, letting everyone know that you mean business when it comes to your morning caffeine fix. Whether you're a perfectionist who likes to measure out every ounce of coffee or just want to show off your quirky sense of humor, this mug is sure to make a statement. Plus, for people where size does matter, there's plenty of room for that extra large coffee you need to get your day off to a good start. Funny and dirty double entender!

8th funniest mug:

The "Coffee Makes Me Poop" Funny Coffee Mug

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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This mug is shaped like a turd. It’s not uncommon that a coffee session in the morning is followed by a toilet session. The website stated in their artice “Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?” that the Gut study found “that coffee promotes the release of gastrin, a hormone produced within the stomach and known to increase motor activity in the colon.” Interesting and very funny.

9th funniest mug:

The "Extra Shot" Funny Coffee Mug

Extra Shot Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Meet the 'Extra Shot Mug': your trusty sidekick for those 'just one of those days'. Tucked into a snug brown band, a sneaky little flask awaits. Coffee feeling a tad too innocent? Spike it up with a shot of your favorite spirit! Remember, a little 'extra' now and then keeps the mundane at bay. Cheers to making mornings memorable! 😉

10th funniest mug:

The "Coffee & Wine" Funny Coffee Mug

Coffee and Wine Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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When coffee meets wine in the ring of daily choices! On one side, the sassy wine glass declares, 'She loves me more!' only to be cheekily countered by coffee: 'No, she loves me more!'. Whether you're a wine enthusiast by night or a coffee lover by dawn, this mug brings a chuckle to your morning routine. Who wins the love contest? You decide. Meanwhile, savor the playful banter between your two favorite drinks every sip of the way!

11th funniest mug:

The "Coffee Pot" Funny Coffee Mug

Coffee Pot Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Hey there, java aficionados! Remember those retro diner coffee pots? Someone shrunk them! Enter: Coffee Pot Mug. This mammoth mug holds 20 oz. of liquid ambition, making your regular mugs look like baby sippy cups. Ultimate Dad Mug? Check. White elephant gift? Double check. Instagram prop? Oh, you betcha. I mean, who needs to be a fitness influencer when you can flex with your gargantuan mug?

12th funniest mug:

The "Coolest Person in the Family" Funny Coffee Mug

Coolest Person in the Family Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Introducing the sassiest mug to ever grace a kitchen cabinet: "The coolest person in the family" it proclaims with an arrow pointing up. Confidence boost with every sip! But wait! There's a twist… Before you strut around the family reunion, remember to finish that coffee. Because right at the bottom, there’s a sneaky reminder: "Except for the one who gave you this mug." Burn! Looks like the giver's got jokes. The only mug where you get roasted while you roast! Bottoms up, cool cat! Just remember who's REALLY the boss every time you take that last gulp.

13th funniest mug:

The "Dad & Daughter" Funny Coffee Mug

Dad and Daughter Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Hey dads, ever tried teaching your daughter the offside rule or the art of a perfect BBQ grill, only to receive an eye-roll? Fear not! This mug's for you. But remember, behind every 'manly' lesson is a daughter who treasures those goofy, heartfelt moments. Cheers to the unconventional bonds that defy all clichés! So, dads, next time you think about teaching your daughter to change a tire, pour her a drink in this mug and get wrenching!

14th funniest mug:

The "Cow" Funny Coffee Mug

Cow Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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With this whimsical design, every coffee break feels like a quick jaunt to the barnyard. Here's to making 'udderly' fabulous life choices!

15th funniest mug:

The "Butt" Funny Coffee Mug

Butt Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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A coffee mug shaped like a human derrière. It might seem like a "crack" idea, but it's gaining "bottoms-up" reviews from all over! Every time you take a sip, it's a "full moon" experience. And the best part? The two cheeks work as perfect handles for a comfortable grip. Just beware of the giggles from onlookers as you take a sip from your posterior pottery.

16th funniest mug:

The "Nice Tits" Funny Coffee Mug

Nice Tits Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Samantha was delighted to receive a surprise package from her grandmother. Upon opening it, she found a mug inscribed with "Nice Tits!". Before she could call Grandma for an explanation, she noticed small bird illustrations beneath the text: Blue Tit, Marsh Tit, and others. She chuckled, picturing Grandma in her knitting club asking, "Which 'tit' are you referring to?". The perfect gift for women with lovely 'tits'… in their surroundings. 😉

17th funniest mug:

The "Give Eeffoc" Funny Coffee Mug

EEFFOC Cat Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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This mug uncovers a fun fact: 'Coffee' spelled backward is 'EEFFOC'. For all those who can't function—or give EEFFOC—before their dose of the rich brown elixir, please let them enjoy their coffee undisturbed!

18th funniest mug:

The "Coffee Quality Time" Funny Coffee Mug

Quality Time Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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Before you even think of approaching me, remember: my coffee and I are in a deeply committed relationship each morning. So, unless you're the barista with a refill, let's chat later. Priorities!

19th funniest mug:

The "Charming Poker Face" Funny Coffee Mug

Charming Poker Face Mug - Funny Coffee Mug - Pin Image
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A coffee mug with a truly 'mug'nificent face. Ever seen a clueless-looking coffee cup complimenting its own straight-faced charm with "What a charming poker face"? No? Well, can you relate? If not, don’t worry. The manufacturer has a whole lineup of sassy faces and quips. So, brew up some indifference and shop emotion-free!

How we put this collection together?

Our research includes selling statistics, user reviews, and qualitative interviews to ensure we've found the funniest mugs out there. Our wide range of mugs includes witty one-liners and clever puns, providing you with both humor and functionality. But we also value your opinion, so let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment and rating your favorite (or least favorite) funny coffee mug.

Why Own Funny Coffee Mugs?

  1. Boost your mood: Starting your day with a laugh can set a positive tone for the rest of the day.
  2. Express your personality: Your choice of funny coffee mug can showcase your sense of humor and individuality.
  3. Great gift idea: A funny coffee mug makes for an affordable, unique, and personal gift for friends and family.
  4. Conversation starter: A quirky mug can spark fun conversations with

Psychological Benefits of Funny Coffee Mugs

Enhancing Positive Outlook

Just like a sunny morning can make your day brighter, starting your day with a laugh can paint the rest of your day in positive hues. A funny mug not only provides your caffeine fix but also a dose of positivity, influencing your outlook for the day.

Strengthening Social Bonds

Sharing a joke or showing off your new funny mug can be a conversation starter. It's an effortless way to bond over shared humor and create memorable moments. Think of it as the social glue that binds people together in the most light-hearted way.

Reducing Morning Stress

Mornings can be hectic. Whether it's the rush to get to work or the anxiety of the tasks ahead, stress can creep in easily. A funny mug serves as a gentle reminder to take things easy and find humor in the mundane. It's like having a friendly nudge telling you, "Hey, it's going to be alright!"

FAQs About Funny Coffee Mugs

Q: Can I put my funny coffee mug in the dishwasher and microwave?

A: This depends on the material of your mug. Most ceramic and silicone mugs are dishwasher and microwave-safe, while stainless steel mugs usually aren't. Always check the manufacturer's instructions before using these appliances.

Q: Where can I buy funny coffee mugs?

A: Funny coffee mugs can be found at a variety of retailers, including online shops like Etsy, Amazon, and specialized gift stores. You might also find them at local coffee shops, boutiques, and craft fairs.

Q: Are funny coffee mugs appropriate for the office?

A: Generally, yes! However, it's essential to be mindful of your workplace culture and choose a mug that won't offend your coworkers or boss. Opt for light-hearted, inoffensive humor to avoid any potential issues.

Q: Can I customize my funny coffee mug?

A: Absolutely! Many retailers offer customization options, allowing you to add your name, a quote, or even a personal photo to your mug. This makes for an excellent gift or a special treat for yourself.


In a world that often feels too serious, funny coffee mugs provide a welcome dose of humor to our daily routines. With a vast array of designs, materials, and personalization options, there's a funny coffee mug out there for everyone. So, whether you're looking for a gift or simply want to treat yourself, consider adding a funny coffee mug to your collection. You'll be grinning from ear to ear every time you take a sip!

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