What is the Most Expensive Coffee Mug?

The Most Expensive Coffee Mug

The value of the Most Expensive Coffee Mug is around $100.000

John Webber’s grandfather was a scrap metal dealer and thought this mug was only a brass mug. He would never have believed that he had found the most expensive coffee mug. He gave John the mug at the time of his death. “He had a very good eye, Grandad, he was always picking up all sorts everywhere he went,” Webber stated. John thought even less of the piece, figuring it was made from either brass or bronze he put the mug in a little box and shoved it under the bed, where it lied for decades until 2007. As he was readying to move he realized it was NOT made of brass or bronze, and sent it to the British Museum for feedback. The expert at the museum had never seen anything like it and sent it to Oxford University for closer analysis. There, scientists revealed the mug was made of pure gold, which was created in the third or fourth century BCE!

The mug is believed to be from the Persian Achaemenid Empire, and the faces represent the Roman god Janus, the god of gates and doors who is associated with beginnings and endings. The month of January is named after Janus. The official name of the mug is Achaemenid Persian Janus Cup. Being precise, it is not a cup, because it is too thick and big (For more information about differences between cup and mug click HERE).

At auction in 2009, the cup sold for $100.000 – what a nice deal John made with a gift from a junk dealer. A rediscovered masterpiece and the most expensive coffee mug.

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