Guinness World Record: Could you hold more than 16 coffee mugs in one hand?

Guinness Book of Record: Holding 16 coffee mugs in just one hand

Christ May set a record in the Guinness Book of Records with holding 16 coffee mugs in just one hand.

The British teenager Chris May, 16, from Darlington, discovered his extraordinary talent by unpacking the dishwasher. His family might be a coffee loving family with many mugs, so he arranged to unpack more mugs with one procedure. He optimized this process, and voilá! A new record is set. First he went on the Guinness Book of Record website and figured out that there wasn’t a category for holding mugs, so he emailed an application to be the first world record holder. As a fair sportsman, he gives advices to everyone who wants to beat his record: Look at how thin the handles are. It’s not the size of the actual mug, just the handle. The A-Grade student jokes: “ least I will have achieved something in my life as an undisputed world record holder.” Great guy, great record!

Short Video of Chris May holding 15 mugs in one hand (not the record itself!)

Below you’ll find a video of the process Chris employed to achieve the record. This video is just a presentation, it is NOT the record itself. That’s why he even achieved only 15 mugs in this video due to technical mis-planning in putting the mugs in his hand. But it gives a good visualisation of the record.

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