Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Do not confuse it with a real Canon lens!

This mug is a unique highlight for all coffee loving camera freaks in this world. It looks absolutely like the lens model of a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. It’s a great replica of an L series canon camera lens – it is the proper size and has the same dimensions. Be aware not to confuse it with your real lens! To test if you have a real lens or this mug, just lift it up, the mug is lighter and if you unscrew it you will find an empty space for your hot coffee.

The Camera Lens Unique Coffee Mug holds up to 13.5 oz of your hot coffee. The material is stainless steel and the outside is grade plastic. It is recommended NOT to put it into the oven, Microwave, Fridge or dishwasher to avoid damage. Attention: There are different sizes available on the web. The version shown on this website is the 13.5 oz one!

The design is very unique and with great detail, made of thick gripped soft black plastic (not cheap plastic material). After pouring coffee into the flask, the lid screws securely into place, a good idea for people who like to go backpacking, hiking, fishing or camping. Great for the on-the-go active individual. It comes with an attractive box and very elegant coffee spoon. A great thermal coffee mug can be taken along on long distance trips, traveling in the car, or on the train.

The Camera Lens Coffee Mug is available at a great price and with fast delivery here:

The 5 most important questions about the Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Can I put it in the microwave or dishwasher?

MICROWAVE: NO, to avoid damage do not put in the microwave.
DISHWASHER: NO, stated directly by the manufacturer that this mug is NOT dishwasher proof.

Does it fit into the car's mug holder?

YES, it should fit in an average car holder.

Does it fit under a Keurig?

YES, this lens mug should fit under your Keurig machine.

Is it easy to clean?

You should not put it into the dishwasher, so it’s recommended to hand wash only.

Is it spill- and leak proof?

There are varying comments from people who have already bought this camera lens mug. Some said that it will leak and is best kept upright. Other users said that when it has fallen over, it has never leaked. It is designed as a travel mug but the quality is not up there with the high quality travel mugs presented in the Travel Mug Section.

Specifications of the Camera Lens Coffee Mug

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Weight: 9.6 ounces (0.6 pounds)
Capacity (liquid): 13.5 oz. (400 ml)
Mug Dimension: Diameter 3.27 inches, Height 5.75 inches
Material: Grade ABS plastic materials outside and extra-fine stainless steel interior
Origin: China


  • Looks like the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens
  • Stainless steel
  • Can be used as a travel mug

A video preview to see how the Camera Lens Coffee Mug looks like

This video shows in a small sketch how the famous Camera Lens Mug looks like to get a better picture of the size and the material.

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