Pug Coffee Mug

Not Only For Dog Loving Coffee Drinkers!

This squared mug is shaped like a little cute pug and bring both the owner and their drinking colleges to smile. Comments like “It’s so adorable, and it’s a conversation starter. ” or “I bought this mug as a gift for a friend and she absolutely loved it.” are flooting the web. It’s the ultimate present for pug lovers! Do you have a friend who loves pugs or even have pugs? You have found the perfect gift right now!

This little cute pug coffee mug holds 12 oz. of your coffee. Yes, it is squared but it’s even not difficult to drink. It’s just like a regular coffee mug, expects it is shaped like a pug. The material is ceramic and packed very safe. Please note that the manufacturer strictly recommend not putting it into the dishwasher but washing it by hands. Last fact: The brand under which this mug is sold called “Spinning Hat”, so please do not be confused about the name, this pug has NO features of spinning any hats!

Purchase the Pug Coffee Mug quickly and affordably here:

Currently no longer sold anywhere. If you know a shop where this coffee mug is sold, please contact us.

The 5 most important questions about the Pug Coffee Mug

Can I put it in the microwave or dishwasher?

MICROWAVE: NO, do not put it into the microwave.
DISHWASHER: NO, stated directly by the manufacturer that this cute mug is NOT dishwasher proof.

Is it printed on both sides?

NO, it is only printed on one side like you see on the preview pictures.

Does it fit under a Keurig?

YES, the pug has the size of a regular coffee mug so it should, despite it’s squared shape, under your Keurig Machine.

Is it easy to clean?

You should not put it into the dishwasher, so it’s recommended only washing by hands. Due to it’s shaped form this could be kind of an unusual procedure.

Is it difficult to drink, because it is squared?

NO, many customers reviewed that this mug is kind of normal to drink, so no worries about your drinking experience with this shaped little pug!

Specifications of the Pug Coffee Mug

Weight: 9 ounces (0.5625 pounds)
Capacity (liquid): 12 oz. (354 ml)
Mug Dimension: 4.5 (height) x 3.25 (width) x 3.125 (depth) inches
Material: Ceramic
Origin: China


  • Squared
  • Hand wash only
  • Brand called “Spinning Hat”

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