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Mr. Right and Mrs. ALWAYS Right Coffee Mug

Adorable idea, the perfect coffee mug for couples !

According to shop statistics this funny mug, which simply has the name “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Coffee Mug” is one of the best selling couples coffee mugs presents available world wide. It is one of the best and highest selling presents for couples, newlyweds and as an anniversary gift.

What is the message the mug is trying to convey? One of the two mugs has the line “Mr. Right” written on it, this shows that the lady in this couple has found her perfect man, the Mr. Right that many search for but rarely find. The Mr. Right mug also has a well designed mustache. The second mug has the line “Mrs. Always Right” written on it, poking fun at the stereotype of relationships revolving around the women always being right. Instead of a mustache this one has a pair of female lips. It’s very ingenious and comedic that Mr. Right has found his Mrs. Always Right.

This funny mug is a creative masterpiece, which was designed by the artistic designer Lorrie Veasey, who is famous for her coffee mug designs. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. This version of the mug (displayed on this actual page) holds 16 oz, but there is also another variation which holds 12 oz.

Lots of customers have said they gave this mug as a present. They gave it to:

  • Couples
  • as a wedding present
  • as an anniversary present
  • and for newlyweds

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The 4 most important questions about the Mr. Right and Mrs. ALWAYS Right Coffee Mug

Can I put it in the microwave or dishwasher?

MICROWAVE: YES, the manufacturer has stated clearly it is Microwave Proof.
DISHWASHER: YES, the manufacturer has stated clearly it is Dishwasher Proof.

Is it printed on both sides?

NO, neither of the 2 mugs are printed on both sides. So it is mainly suitable for those who are right handed.

Does it fit under a Keurig?

Yes, it’s an 16 oz. with 4.5″ height, so it should fit under your Keurig machine.

Is it easy to clean?

YES, just put this funny mug into your dishwasher. That’s it.

Specifications of the Mr. Right and Mrs. ALWAYS Right Coffee Mug

Weight: 27.2 ounces (1.7 pounds)
Capacity (liquid): 16 oz. (473 ml)
Mug Dimension: 4.5 (height) x 3.8 (width) x 5.2 (depth) inches
Material: Durable high fired ceramic
Origin: China


  • 2 mugs in one package
  • Perfect as a present for couples (e.g. wedding)
  • Safe to put it in the microwave or dishwasher

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