Cookie Face Coffee Mug

Perfect for serving coffee and cookie!

This cool Cookie Face Mug is a great idea for cookie & coffee lovers. The mouth opens wide ready for cookies, donuts, biscotti or another favorite snacks to be put inside. The size of the mouth is big enough to put in a cookie completely. If you want to put in a regular sized donut it looks like the mug is biting it!

The mug is quite small with regards to the coffee capacity, which is the biggest criticism. It holds only about 6 fl. oz. of coffee. The material is ceramic so it is safe to put it into the dishwasher. There is also a black version of the mug available. Maybe this version is perfect for Oreo Cookies? Anyhow, just follow the links below to buy a one in your favorite color.

Here you can buy the Cookie Face Coffee Mug cheap and fast:

The 4 most important questions about the Cookie Face Coffee Mug

Can I put it in the microwave or dishwasher?

MICROWAVE: YES, no worries about putting it into the microwave.
DISHWASHER: YES, just put it into the dishwasher.

Is it a regular sized coffee mug?

NO, definitely not. It is quite small, which is the biggest criticism by coffee lovers.

Does it fit under a Keurig?

YES, the Cookie Face Mug is quite small, so it should definitely fit.

Is it easy to clean?

YES, just put this cool mug into the dishwasher.

Specifications of the Cookie Face Coffee Mug

Weight: 13.3 ounces (0.831 pounds)
Capacity (liquid): 6 fl oz. (177 ml)
Mug Dimension: 3.5 (height) x 3.1 (width) x 3.4 (depth) inches
Material: Ceramics
Origin: China


  • It holds your cookie, donut or other snacks
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

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