Largest Coffee Mug in the World

This mug has the capacity of 20 regular coffee mugs!

This mug is definitely one of the coolest mugs that ever exist. It could hold upto 20 regular coffee mugs. That is more than you can drink. Maybe you are thirsty? Or have long working nights? Or even are addicted to coffee? However, the fear of coffee poisoning shouldn’t be a barrier. It is a perfect gift with symbolic background: hard workers or even coffee lovers. More than any practical use, this is a symbol of your love of coffee. If someone is asking you how many coffee mugs you are drinking per day? Just one mug, no more, you promise.

The material is ceramic. If it is not too big to fit into your dishwasher – should be no problem. Even in your microwave. A Customer’s review: “This is great for a gag, and it’s heavy, might be real porcelain. I really thought it was cool! Impressive quality.” or “Great gag gift, my mom ended up making a potted plant out of it!” So no need to use it strictly for coffee but other things like a potted plant or wine!

Here you can buy the Largest Coffee Mug in the World cheap and fast:

The 4 most important questions about the Largest Coffee Mug in the World

Can I put it in the microwave or dishwasher?

MICROWAVE: YES, if it is not too big.
DISHWASHER: YES, if it is not too big.

Is it a regular sized coffee mug?

NO, definitely not. It is the largest coffee mug in the world and has the capacity of 20 regular mugs.

Does it fit under a Keurig?

NO, definitely not. It is too big!

Is it easy to clean?

Disregarding of the huge size, there is no problem to clean a ceramic mug.

Specifications of the Largest Coffee Mug in the World

Weight: 128 ounces (8 pounds)
Capacity (liquid): ~200 fl oz. (~5914 ml)
Mug Dimension: 10 (height) x 10 (width) x 6.5 (depth) inches
Material: Ceramic
Origin: China


  • It is the largest coffee mug in the world
  • Can hold up to 20 regular coffee mugs

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