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Largest Coffee Mug in the World - Image 1

Largest Coffee Mug in the World

This mug is the largest coffee mug on the commercial market. It has the capacity of 20 regular mugs and is a perfect gift for workaholics or coffee lovers. If someone asking you how many coffee you are drinking per day? Just one mug, no more, you promise. Read More

Chalkboard Cool Coffee Mug - Image 1

Chalkboard Coffee Mug

You can write on this cool mug like on a chalkboard. Just leave a message and communicate with your friends, flat mates or your darling. Or unfold your artistic talent! It features a special glaze that turns its entire surface into a completely usable chalkboard. And when its done you could easily erase it. Great and cool idea. Read More

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Lazy coffee lovers rejoice! This mug stirs your coffee with just the press of a button. Pour, add your fixings, and let the mug do the rest. It’s like magic! Don’t love the design? We’ve got you covered with other cool options. Check ’em out. Read More

Cookie Face Cool Coffee Mug - Image 1

Cookie Face Coffee Mug

This cool coffee mug is perfect for serving cookies, donuts, biscotti or other snacks. Just put your favorite snack into the “mouth” of the coffee mug’s white face. The size of the mouth is quite as big to put in a cookie completely. Putting a regular sized donut give gives the appearance as if the mug is biting the donut. Great and cool idea for cookies & coffee parties. Read More

Hidden Shark Cool Coffee Mug - Image 1

Hidden Shark Coffee Mug

Your guests will get quite the surprise when they sit down for a mug of coffee, and as they drink up, a shark appears in their mug! The first few sips from this innocent looking porcelain mug are pretty harmless, but as you continue drinking, things get a lot more exciting. What’s that lurking in the murky depths of your morning coffee? A SHARK! Great Mug, cool idea. Read More

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