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Melting Unique Coffee Mug - Image 1

Melting Coffee Mug

Did you ever see a mug melting on a table? No? May we introduce you the first melting mug in history! The mug is constructed to build up the imagination of sinking into the table. Great idea! In one package are two mugs (black and white). With 6 fl oz one mug is kind of small – keep that in mind. Regardless the size, this mug is an unique concept to amaze your coffee drinking guests. Read More

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Pink Octopus Unique Coffee Mug - Image 1

Pink Octopus Coffee Mug

This octopus mug is a very eye catching and well designed unique coffee mug. Do you know Penelope Garcia from the series Criminal Minds? Yes, this one is the mug she owns! The material is ceramic; it holds a lot of coffee (16 fl. Oz.) and is very thick and robust. As an octopus fan you will love it! As a Criminal Minds fan you will adore it! And as a coffee fan you will enjoy it! Read More

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Grenade Unique Coffee Mug - Image 1

Grenade Coffee Mug

A hand grenade transformed into a mug! This mug is a detail perfect replica of the real thing. One review from a officer in military service states “great detail for a hand grenade, looks very realistic”. This coffee mug could be the perfect design for those with a military background, or anyone just wanting a truly unique coffee mug. Read More

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Build-On Brick Unique Coffee Mug - Image 1

Build-On Brick Coffee Mug

The idea of the mug is great: It’s a coffee mug where you can stick Lego or similar bricks on to it whilst having your coffee. But the realization is quite poor. The bricks do not connect well and even fall off. Still it is a very unique and special mug, even if not perfect for building Lego it is an awesome looking cup. Read More

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Camera Lens Unique Coffee Mug - Image 1

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Be careful not to confuse it with a real Canon lens! It looks identical to the lens of a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. It’s a great replica, keeping the same dimensions as the real thing. Designed as a travel mug it will keep liquids warm for hours. The perfect gift for camera lovers! Read More

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