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Toilet Funny Coffee Mug - Image 1

Toilet Coffee Mug

This Coffee Mug is both funny and unique. It is shaped like a toilet, which let the inside coffee appears like a little bit different substance. The manufacturer stated that this mug would be great for the “potty-mouth coffee drinker”, or chronic farter. Opening this present on a party could be a highlight for itself, or even if you serve your guests a very unique coffee experiences. Read More

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This Might Be Wine Funny Coffee Mug - Image 2

Might Be Wine Coffee Mug

This funny mug is not only best for wine lovers but also for work colleges. What might be in the mug? Is it coffee or wine? No one knows. If your boss have sense of humour, they will love it too! Some reviews online are mentioning that this funny coffee mug was a wonderful gift for their girlfriends, they love it! So raise your mugs, cheers. Read More

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Middle Finger Funny Coffee Mug - Image 4

Middle Finger Coffee Mug

Funny and cheeky! This mug is one of the best funny mugs we found on the internet. On the front side there is a friendly “Have A Nice Day” but the base shows a middle finger. It is a wonderful gag gift for friends or just use it yourself, maybe direct it at work colleagues and give them a wink as they see your cheeky message. Read More

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Go Away Funny Coffee Mug - image 1

Go Away Coffee Mug

It is one of the funniest and best selling coffee mugs in the world. The “Go Away” mug is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. It’s sure to become their favorite mug! The mug is made of clear glass so that those around can see how much of your coffee is remaining. It is dishwasher safe. Read More

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