Pink Octopus Unique Coffee Mug

//Pink Octopus Unique Coffee Mug
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Pink Octopus Unique Coffee Mug

Short mug description: This octopus mug is a very eye catching and well designed unique coffee mug. Do you know Penelope Garcia from the series Criminal Minds? Yes, this one is the mug she owns! The material is ceramic; it holds a lot of coffee (16 fl. Oz.) and is very thick and robust. As an octopus fan you will love it! As a Criminal Minds fan you will adore it! And as a coffee fan you will enjoy it!

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Penelope Garcia from Criminal minds octopus mug

Myth of octopuses has started in your kitchen!

The myth of octopuses is legendary, suspense and intrigue. These ocean creatures are both loved and feared on the whole globe and is subject of many saga and myths, but this pink little guy here is a unique and harmless soul who only wants to share your morning coffee. Be aware, it could trigger a lot of attention by people around: The perfect way to start conversations! The pink design is eye catching and unique. The solid handle (not hollow) of this unique mug is shaped as an octopus’ tentacle. The octopus has 8 tentacles (the picture doesn’t show all). And one highlight at the end: Do you know Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds? Yep, this unique Pink Octopus Mug is the one she uses in the famous drama series!

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With 16 fl. Oz. this mug holds a lot of coffee in comparison to a regular coffee mug. The material is ceramic and the mug is very robust on the whole. When filling it up with hot coffee the mug just gets warm, so you can touch it without any worries. One flaw is the cleaning process: It is not recommended to put it into the dishwasher. Hand washing through many nooks and crannies could be a frustrating process, but if you see this mug the first time you will fell in love and no work will be too hard to clean this little pink treasure.

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