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//Mr. P Lick Cute Coffee Mug
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Mr. P Lick Cute Coffee Mug

Short mug description: Mr. P is a famous cartoon line by the Propaganda design agency. In this coffee mug version Mr. P can be seen ready to lick what looks like a real coffee drip (for those non coffee drinkers it could be tea or hot chocolate). The coffee drop is very realistic. The mug is printed but still dishwasher safe. So why not add a polite, maybe even coffee addicted, Mr. P to your morning routine.

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No worry clumsy coffee drinker, Mr. P is licking it off!

Mr. P is a famous cartoon line by the Propaganda design agency and was established in 1994 by designers Chaiyut Plypetch and Ankul Assavaviboonpan. This version of Mr. P is one of the most popular prints on coffee mugs. It is both funny and cute. He is licking a brown colored drip, which comes apparently off your mug. This creates the appearance that Mr. P comes to life – an animation to join your morning coffee routine, isn’t that a cute gesture by Mr. P? A guaranteed smile in the office or at your friends, when you show how your little friend Mr. P is licking off your coffee drip.

The drip is painted with brown permanent color, so it won’t come off when you clean it. The printed brown drip could be tea, milked coffee or chocolate milk. The color fits perfectly with many liquids for which a mug is normally used. Additionally, there are other cute versions of Mr. P to delight yours and your friends’ coffee experience, but the Licking one is simply the cutest. Perfect for gifts or just for yourself.

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This mug holds 11 oz. of your coffee and is a strong ceramic construction. You definitely could put it into the dishwasher or microwave. There are different variations of the mug, e.g. with capacities of 15oz. Also different styles are available like “Stein” or “Travel Mug”. Just click on the ZAZZLE shop reference below to go to the online shop with our review and mention of the product “Mr. P Lick” cute coffee mug.

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Other VARIATIONS of the coffee mug:

Underneath are variations of the mug. These mugs have the same concept as the coffee mug described on this page but are from different producers and/or have different designs. They may have different shapes or be a slightly different model. If you click on one of the mugs you’ll get taken to a shop where you can purchase a cup of that variation.


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