Might Be Wine Funny Coffee Mug

//Might Be Wine Funny Coffee Mug
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Might Be Wine Funny Coffee Mug

Short mug description: This funny mug is not only best for wine lovers but also for work colleges. What might be in the mug? Is it coffee or wine? No one knows. If your boss have sense of humour, they will love it too! Some reviews online are mentioning that this funny coffee mug was a wonderful gift for their girlfriends, they love it! So raise your mugs, cheers.

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Popular funny coffee mug not only for wine lovers!

Might be or might not! This funny coffee mug might be a wonderful holiday gift for wine loving friends but also creates smiles in job offices. If your boss have sense of humour, they will love it  too!

The message: “Be careful, I could get drunk. This might not be coffee but wine in my mug, haha”. It’s a kind of cheeky attitude and the subliminal message might be: Coffee is not enough, to bear up with the job enviroment, I need a glass of wine in the morning!

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The gift-success is proofed by web-reviews: Customers reported satisfied girlfriends with this funny coffee mug. Comments like “Got this for my girl and she loved it. High five for this mug.” are very common, after they bought this funny mug.

This coffee mug counts to the most popular coffee mug in web in the category of “funny”, so we listed it on this website. Simple porcelan, microwave and dishwasher safe and printed on both sides.

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