Middle Finger Funny Coffee Mug

//Middle Finger Funny Coffee Mug
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  • Middle Finger Funny Coffee Mug - front view
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Middle Finger Funny Coffee Mug

Short mug description: Funny and cheeky! This mug is one of the best funny mugs we found on the internet. On the front side there is a friendly “Have A Nice Day” but the base shows a middle finger. It is a wonderful gag gift for friends or just use it yourself, maybe direct it at work colleagues and give them a wink as they see your cheeky message.

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Guaranteed laughs at the last sip of your coffee – funny and cheeky!

“Have a nice day” on the front side of the mug and a surprise on the base: A middle finger. This mug is mentioned as one of the best funny mugs. What is the message and how does it work? You are drinking your coffee as normal with the friendly “Have A Nice Day” message showing, but as you reach the last sips the base of the mug is shown and now a middle finger is displayed. A funny and cheeky message directed to your work office or family crowd, with a wink.

Great as a gag gift or just use it yourself. Many reviews state experiences such as “everyone laughs when I finish the last sip, they try to talk me out of it or steal it from me”.

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This mug holds 10 oz. and is 100% ceramic. Dishwasher safe, but please do be aware of shabby imitations that only use a sticker on the base, those are unlikely to be dishwasher safe. The version shown on our website is the real deal and you can buy it by clicking on the link on our site.

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Underneath are variations of the mug. These mugs have the same concept as the coffee mug described on this page but are from different producers and/or have different designs. They may have different shapes or be a slightly different model. If you click on one of the mugs you’ll get taken to a shop where you can purchase a cup of that variation.


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