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Melting Unique Coffee Mug

Short mug description: Did you ever see a mug melting on a table? No? May we introduce you the first melting mug in history! The mug is constructed to build up the imagination of sinking into the table. Great idea! In one package are two mugs (black and white). With 6 fl oz one mug is kind of small – keep that in mind. Regardless the size, this mug is an unique concept to amaze your coffee drinking guests.

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This unique mug sinks into your table!

Melting Unique Coffee Mug diagonalDid you ever see a mug melting on or into a table? No? I guess your guests neither! A unique special effect a mug could have. This mug is constructed to create an illusion of melting into the table. Just to avoid misunderstandings: This mug is NOT really melting but it is constructed to look like it would melt. It stands on the table quite diagonal and the handle touches the table slightly. No worries about your drinking experience, your coffee will taste the same regardless your mug is sinking into the desk.

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In one package are 2 mugs. The mugs come for the colors black and white, holds 6 fl oz each and the material is ceramic. Some customer critism that the size of one mug is too small with 6 fl oz and it doesn’t really look like it is melting. Yes, it is kind of a gag mug, it is NOT real melting but the idea is great. The realisation with regards to realistic appearance could be improved. However some customers stated that it keeps what it promises and reviewing like “I loved these mugs at first sight and was thrilled when they came” or “The mugs looks very similar to the pictures, for mine, the handles don’t reach the table surface so there’s like a little tail coming off the end of my mugs”.

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