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Build-On Brick Unique Coffee Mug

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Short mug description: The idea of the mug is great: It's a coffee mug where you can stick Lego or similar bricks on to it whilst having your coffee. But the realization is quite poor. The bricks do not connect well and even fall off. Still it is a very unique and special mug, even if not perfect for building Lego it is an awesome looking cup.

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Good idea, unique mug but the realization has room for improvement!

Build-On Brick Unique Coffee Mug constructing example 4brick_example2Do you know Lego, the ever popular constructing game for children (or even adults with an artistic passion)? Well this mug is the prefect find for Lego lovers! BUT it does NOT fit perfectly with regular Lego bricks. The Lego bricks were loose and sometimes fell off. The pegs and holes are not as precise as Lego, so sometimes a brick will only stay on if you really press on it hard. The idea behind this mug is awesome, but the execution needs improvement. From an engineering standpoint we are all hoping the maker can improve it so it eventually uses standard Lego spacing. This mug should also be compatible with Lego competitors such as Pixel Blocks, Mega Blokes, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks. You can see in some of the accompanying pictures creations that purchasers of this mug have made. So, imagine you are sitting at your table drinking a mug of coffee and watching your child sitting next to you playing with his Build-On Brick Unique Coffee Mug. This doesn’t mean it is only for children, No! Geeking and constructing with bricks in the morning could be a great amusement. Very unique, very good idea!

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Build-On Brick Unique Coffee Mug constructing example 1Ignoring the bad compatibility with Lego bricks the material is quite good. It holds 12 fl oz and the material is BPA free plastic. It comes without any bricks! So after ordering you will get the naked Build-On Brick Mug. The rim on the side where you put YOUR lips to drink is several times thicker than regular (mostly ceramic) mugs. So it could take some getting used to. The mug is also great for offering candy to your guests or putting other things into it.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I sent one of these to my nephew and he was happy with it as he’s a huge lego fan and anything lego related is usually a hit, but he was disappointed that, like you have said, the pieces don’t stick that well and in some places it’s hard to put them on at all because of how the mug is shaped is designed. Still overall it is still a lovely and unique coffee mug.

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